The Handmaiden


Nip/Tuck meets Downton Abbey. The Handmaiden is a South Korean thriller by acclaimed director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) about a petty thief who cons her way into working for the very wealthy, very beautiful Lady Hideko on her giant estate in the 1930’s.  It would be a disservice to reveal much more about the plot than that, as this is one of those movies where the best part is trying to figure out exactly WTF is going on.  I’m not privy to much South Korean cinema, but this is definitely one of the most out there movies I’ve seen.  If you had to categorize it, The Handmaiden would fall within the psychosexual thriller confines similar to last year’s The Girl on the Train, but significantly more psycho and even more so sexual (cue the Nip/Tuck theme song).  The only thing greater than every person’s agenda in this film is their libido.  Grade: B-

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