I used to be embarrassed about going to movies alone and would wear a hoodie or a baseball cap in case I saw people that I know (“oh yeah, I’m with a date she’s just in the restroom”).  At some point a few years ago I stopped caring about this, not exactly sure if it was due to caring less about what people think of me or if going to movies solo dolo is just more culturally appropriate these days.  Regardless that isn’t an issue anymore….with one exception.  I, a 33 year old man, will not go see a Disney kids movie alone for obvious reasons, that’d be weird.  But with my nieces in town for the holidays I did have the chance to catch Moana and all of its 95% RT rated gloriousness.

Somehow, someway, Moana is ANOTHER Rated Greg recommended musical (I know I know, 2016’s turmoil is having a weird effect on your boy).  But what can I say the music in Moana, each song written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is catchy as all hell!  Two standouts are “You’re Welcome” performed by The Rock’s character (would love to see real life recording studio footage of him singing btw) and “Shiny” by none other than Jermaine from Flight of the Concords playing a giant crab.  The rest of the film is decent enough.  In terms of entertaining those older than 12, it’s better than Finding Dory but far short of Zootopia. Shout out to the Mad Max inspired coconut pirates.  Your move, Minions.  Tier 4


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