Finding Dory


Being an amateur film critic, I figured I needed to see the highest grossing movie of the year ($486 million in the US).  If you need something to put on to entertain a youngin that won’t drive you up the wall, sure.  But this doesn’t fall in the group of Pixar films that double their appeal to adults.  It’s fine, things could be much worse.  I’ll take Dory over Dora any day.  One more item of note: Four of the top six grossing films in 2016 were animated PG kids movies, and Idris Elba voices a character in three of them (Dory, Zootopia, Jungle Book).  I’m kind of shocked he hasn’t gotten his own “Taken” type action franchise by now, but I have to imagine his return on investment in terms of residuals on these role choices is going to be through the roof.  And if we know anything about the former Stringer Bell, he knows how to get the most out of his product.   Tier 6

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