Morris from America


Son of a…..  I wrote a good couple paragraphs on this and accidentally pasted something over it and the “undo” button just WOULD NOT WORK!  So in brief….

Morris from America is a dramedy about 13 year old aspiring rapper Morris from Richmond who is struggling adjusting to his new home in an all white German town.   Coming of age films that include avoiding bullies, crushing on older girls, and experimenting with certain substances isn’t anything new, but at least this comes from a fresh perspective.  The best thing by far about this movie is Craig Robinson, who plays Morris’s 90’s hip-hop loving single father that is having his own issues adapting to European culture.  Robinson was never able to crack the starting five on The Office, but he displays such range in Morris from America that I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land some leading man roles in the near future.  Tier 6


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