Worthwhile Movies I’ve Seen in 2016 – November Update


I saw six worthwhile movies this month, highlighted in bold above, and as always you can read spoiler-free blurbs on each below.  You’ll notice I also added a Don’t Bother section due to popular demand.  Some of these I hated (really Burnt? really?) and some of these I just thought were “meh” (Money Monster).

Speaking of “meh,” I have a few notes for WB on The Accountant.  When accountants are speaking amongst one another, we don’t say “Profit and Loss Statement,” we say “P&L.”  We don’t say “Earnings Before Interest, Tax, and Amortization,” we say “EBITA.”  And also, we own more than one set of utensils (insinuating that we never have company over).  How dare you.

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