Hell or High Water

hell or high

Rated Greg’s All Time Favorite Bank Robbing Movies – Ranked

  1. Point Break
  2. Heat
  3. The Place Beyond The Pines
  4. The Town
  5. Public Enemies Hell or High Water

Now that’s what I’m talking about! There’s nothing like a good ole-fashioned bank robbin’ movie. To me, there’s no crime that translates better to film. Quick tangent – In reality, I know it would be terrifying to catch a glimpse of a shark up close but I can’t help but fantasize about it every time I go boogie boarding, and I have similar thoughts towards witnessing a bank robbery while cashing a check. What kind of masks would they wear? Will they go for the vault?  Which one of these guys is “the wild card?”  How exactly do exploding dye packs work?   But I digress…

In Hell or High Water, two brothers played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster go on a bank robbing spree with a gruff West Texas lawman (Jeff Bridges) hot on their trail. First and foremost, this is a GREAT looking movie. There’s something about shooting in wide-open, desolate towns that appeals to the screen and a lot of the scenery reminded me of No Country For Old Men.   From the writer of Sicario (in my top 5 for 2015), the story and dialogue also more than hold their own, upholding a theme of resiliency and loyalty through the final frames. Jeff Bridges in particular places himself as a front runner for my favorite performance of the year. He certainly isn’t the first actor to play a grizzled, weeks from retirement officer of the law, but his mouthy portrayal may be the best.  Hell or High Water is hands down the best movie of summer sixteen.  Tier 1 – RATED GREG


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