Earlier this month I mentioned that London Has Fallen just seemed inappropriate given today’s climate and lacked serious self-awareness. Well, Zootopia is the exact opposite and could not have come out in a more appropriate time. This Disney kids movie of the “animals living like humans” genre depicts a mammal metropolis with a slight but steadily growing divide between the “predatory” mammals and the much bigger non-predatory population. At the center of this is a mystery being tackled by an idealistic, yet somewhat naïve bunny cop. With a set up like that, obviously there are a lot of metaphors to America’s current divide throughout. Which is interesting, but also this movie is just really funny no matter what your age is. As Netflix’s Bojack Horseman can attest, animal puns will never not be funny. Most notably there’s a scene at the DMV that cracks me up just thinking about it.  Tier 2 – Runner Up

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