London Has Fallen


And the winner for 2016’s most irresponsible movie goes to……drumroll…..London Has Fallen! This is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, one of 2013’s two “Die Hard at The White House” summer flicks. Gerard Butler is once again tasked with single-handedly saving President Aaron Eckhart from a coordinated attack, only this time instead of a North Korean siege on DC, it’s a large scale terrorist attack at a meeting of world leaders in, you guessed it, London.

Seriously, the portrayal of the bad guys with a score to settle in this movie seems extremely reckless given today’s climate. I can’t believe the script filled with xenophobic undertones and destruction a little too in tune with today’s papers passed through the ranks without a thorough scrubbing by anyone with common sense. But then again, its worldwide box office receipts tripled its production budget, so what do I know.

And yet, all that said, not gonna lie I was entertained by this movie during a cross country flight. The action, which comprises much of the 99 minutes, is well executed and Gerard Butler’s dialogue is absolutely ridiculous, whether intentional or not (“Things are about to get sporty, watch your balls” Butler ACTUALLY says, bullets whizzing by his face).  I couldn’t have said it worse myself.  Tier 5

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