Joy is the big screen interpretation about the invention of the Miracle Mop that everyone has been yearning for all these years.  I cannot believe it took this long!  While this film isn’t on the level of David O. Russell’s best films (Three Kings, The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook), it’s entertaining enough to pass the time (i.e. American Hustle).  It’s basically two hours of Jennifer Lawrence not taking shit from predatory businessmen and deadweight family members.

Over the holidays I remember Joy being marketed as the biopic for the popular QVC personality, however like last year’s Steve Jobs it’s really just loosely based on her, with the creators taking lots of liberties (apparently a couple supporting characters are 100% fictional).  I could care less, a compelling story is more important than historical accuracy (let’s not forget Michael Bay revealing that the main reason JFK was so dead set on America reaching the moon first was to acquire alien robot intelligence).  But for all you Joy Mangano purists out there, you’ve been warned.  Costarring O. Russell staples Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper.  Tier 6

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