The Lobster


This is definitely the strangest movie I’ve seen in a long time.  The Lobster is a dark comedy sci-fi about a society that gives single adults an allotted number of days to find a compatible life partner, otherwise they will be turned into the animal of their choosing.  If you can look past the ridiculousness of that last sentence and treat this premise as matter-of-factly as the cast does,  this is actually an extremely thought provoking film  with a lot of interesting ideas.

The central question of The Lobster (other than how come Colin Farrell can pull off a mustache but I can’t?) asks whether humans are truly meant to live within a partnership or if they are actually better off solo dolo.  I’m probably not deft enough to pick up on everything going on after one viewing, but I noticed several metaphors throughout the film making the cases for both ideologies.  Nevertheless, I feel bad for the newlyweds that watch this film next month during their flight to Hawaii.  If you liked the subtle sci-fi best picture contender Her from a few years ago, you will likely dig this as well.  However, if the only sci-fi you like is Escape from Space Jail, you can probably skip this.  Starring Colin Farrell, John C. Reilly, former Bond girl Lea Seydoux, and current Bond wife Rachel Weisz.  Tier 2 – Runner Up

lobster 2

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