Miss Americana

Rated Greg’s Top 5 Music Docs

  1. The Defiant Ones
  2. Miss Americana
  3. Cobain: Montage of Heck
  4. Amy
  5. Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics And Men

It’s easy to write off the contents of a Taylor Swift documentary as contrived.  But look, if that’s your first inclination when Miss Americana pops up on your Netflix homepage, then you should be skeptical towards the emotional output of any musician you do like, and that’s just no way to live.  So let’s give Taylor the benefit of the doubt here.  If you can believe this behind the scenes look at her life past to present is at least 90% authentic (I do), then the film will be a moving experience to anyone with a soul. 

Miss Americana covers Swift’s rise, her stumbles, her genius, and her loneliness.  Most notably the doc exposes her decision to enter politics in 2018 after all these years remaining silent.  Swift fully admits that she fucked up in a major way waiting so long to speak up, though you come to understand how the decision making abilities of someone who gets THAT famous THAT young are a lot more complicated than those of her peers who get to live in the real world.  Oh, and there’s also the Kanye thing.  Streaming on Netflix. Grade: A-

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