2017 Movie Report Card – July Update

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Here are the updated Rated Greg movie rankings for 2017.  I was all ready to stamp the Q2 slate as underwhelming, but Edgar Wright went off and dunked from the free throw line at the buzzer with Baby Driver, single-handedly redeeming the quarter.

I haven’t had the chance to write about Baby Driver yet, but I’ll quickly state that it’s the most entertaining movie, start to finish, since Mad Max: Fury Road.  Trust me, even if you’re not typically into heist movies go see it.  On top of multiple off the chain chase sequences, it uses music like I’ve never seen before in a film.  Also, Jon Hamm finally goes H.A.M.  Seriously, this whole movie made me so happy, I’ve literally been smirking since Tuesday night.

My most anticipated for Q3 are:

  1. Dunkirk
  2. The Big Sick
  3. War for the Planet of the Apes
  4. Detroit
  5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  6. Battle of the Sexes
  7. American Made
  8. It
  9. The Dark Tower
  10. Good Time


One comment

  1. Susan Leighton · July 5, 2017

    I enjoyed the first Kingsman movie so much that I am looking forward to the second. However, I will miss Colin Firth. I loved his character. Your assessments seem to be right in line with other critics.


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