War Machine

war machine

Rated Greg’s Top 5 Brad Pitt Performances

  1. Floyd – True Romance
  2. Mickey O’Neil – Snatch
  3. Tyler Durden – Fight Club
  4. Lt. Aldo Raine – Inglorious Basterds
  5. Chad Feldheimer – Burn After Reading

Similar to Atlanta’s Harrison Booth, Brad Pitt is one man trapped in another man’s body. Specifically, he’s a character actor trapped in a leading man’s body.  What I mean is there’s a strong correlation between the worst movies of Pitt’s catalog and the films in which he’s the clear-cut star.  Seriously, take a look at his iMDB.  Troy sucked.  Allied made no sense.  World War Z was dumb.  Benjamin Button?  More like Benjamin Butthole.  He’s the Tier 1 asset of each and none of them are any good.  Moneyball is the one exception and you could argue Seven and Fight Club as well, but in each of those he’s more of a 1A or 1B with another star (Morgan Freeman and Ed Norton, respectively) instead of the default top billing.  By no means am I going on a Brad Pitt should hang em’ up hot take, he’s definitely one of my favorites, I’m just saying his best movies are the one’s in which another lead can play the handsome hero role, giving him the free range to get weird.

Pitt’s newest feature, War Machine, only further solidifies this theory.  The Netflix original movie has Pitt front and center for over 90% of the film with little other star power to work off of.  Now granted, this IS one of his weirder roles, playing a naïve real life war general in satirical fashion, but it’s not the good kind of weird.  The cartoonish nature of the character is way too off-putting to be the protagonist of a 2-hour movie.  It’s actually one of the only instances I can think of where Pitt is straight up unlikeable.  His portrayal might have been a little easier to digest if this was more of an ensemble piece, however even then I’m not so sure.  This is a comedy after all and I only laughed once, which didn’t even come from Pitt but from a surprise cameo towards the end.  It’s nice to have another big budget, awards-aspiring feature film bypass the theaters and come straight to Netflix, but unlike 2015’s fantastic Beasts of No Nation, this will not be getting ANY Oscar buzz.  Grade: D


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