Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Rated Greg’s Top 5 (Disney) Marvel Movies

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  2. Captain America: Civil War Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: Civil War
  4. Iron Man 3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  5. Ant-Man Iron Man 3

Disney’s Marvel movies have undoubtedly low ceilings and high floors.  Nine years and fifteen installments in, it’s safe to say you know what you’re getting into when taking in an Avengers movie.  You spend $12 or whatever on a movie ticket and you’re guaranteed better than average entertainment for two hours and change.  However immediately after you leave the theater, whatever you just saw evaporates out of your mind into thin air.  If you happen to revisit it a year later, the movie seems more childish than you remember and you’re almost embarrassed for liking it so much the first time.  These films are as cookie cutter and formulaic as your Tinder responses, but still, Disney’s MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is the most consistent franchise in the business and draws Rotten Tomatoes scores that are triple what some of the prominent cash cows of other studios attain (i.e. WB’s Batman/Superman).

guardians gif

Of course there are a couple outliers.  2016’s Dr. Strange is one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen and that’s all I have to say about that.  On the opposite end of the bell curve, we have 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and now Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. What sets the two Guardians movies a part from the rest of the Avengers is that these are comedies first and foremast, with the adventure elements only secondary in importance. You shouldn’t see Guardians for cool action sequences.  Sure, some may be into it, but there’s way too much CGI in these films for my taste.  Instead, you go see Guardians for the strange, off-kilter humor.  It’s hard to explain what’s so funny about a baby tree, a psychotic raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper), and a warrior who doesn’t understand sarcasm or political correctness, but it really says something that Chris Pratt is only the fourth most charismatic character of the bunch.  No joke, the funniest thing I’ve seen so far this year is a 5-minute sequence involving baby Groot and a stealth mission.  Oh, and like the first one, the 1970’s heavy soundtrack kicks ass.  Grade: A-

One comment

  1. Susan Leighton · May 14, 2017

    Everyone that has seen this film has been raving about it. I like the individual players in this, however, I guess I am weird because I am getting tired of superheroes, comics, etc.


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