In my year-end movie wrap up, I declared 2016 the year of the sad movie (Manchester by the Sea, Other People, etc) but I hadn’t even yet seen the most emotional of them all that year, Gleason.  I don’t care how desensitized you are, if you watch Gleason without tearing up at least once, you’re a goddamn liar.  This documentary follows five years of a former NFL player’s fight with ALS.  Shortly after diagnosis, wild-man Steve Gleason makes it a point to travel the world while he still can as well as make a video diary for his unborn son.  This will most likely wreck you so it might not make a great Friday night movie, but it’s a great remedy for the Sunday scaries and will put good perspective on the BS in your life that’s ultimately not that important.  Streaming on Amazon Prime.  Grade: A-

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