Hands of Stone


Ah, so this is where the saying “No Mas” comes from.  I had no idea it stemmed from a famous boxing match, but it makes perfect sense.  Hands of Stone covers the career of 70’s & 80’s boxing legend Roberto Duran, spending the majority of the time focusing on his rivalry with Sugar Ray Leonard.  Overall, it’s a mediocre boxing movie at best.  The action is very choppy and unlike Gyllenhaal in Southpaw or Michael B. Jordan in Creed, I’m not convinced lead actor Edgar Ramirez can actually box.  Ramirez is good in the other facets of the movie and I’m actually surprised he isn’t a bigger star by now, but the fight choreography is about as convincing as Adam West’s Batman.  Also, how are you going to have a boxing movie without a training montage?!  That’s like a Tom Cruise movie without a sprinting scene or a Ja Rule concert in which he doesn’t take his shirt off.

adam west gif

Fight scenes aside, you know who’s really good in this, surprisingly?  Usher!  From what I can recall, when Usher has acted he basically just plays Usher (sidenote: remember The Faculty? The Faculty was dope.), but I think he must have taken some acting classes or something after seeing him play Sugar Ray Leonard, because he’s not bad at all.  With that weird hairline he has going on in this, I honestly wasn’t even positive it was Usher until I pulled up IMDB.  Grade: C



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