Bleed for This


Rated Greg’s All Time Favorite Theatrical Boxing Matches – Ranked

  1.  Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed rematch (Rocky II)*
  2. Adonis Creed vs Leo ‘The Lion’ Sporino (Creed)
  3. Adonis Creed vs ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlon (Creed)
  4. Jim Braddock vs Max Baer (Cinderella Man)
  5. Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang (Rocky III)


*Rocky II is pretty unwatchable for the most part but the fight at the end is the best of the series.

I LOVE boxing movies. Nothing in film brings me more joy than a good boxing montage followed by a knockdown drag out, epic fight. In real life I could give a shit, but no sport translates better to film (Ironically my favorite sport, basketball, translates the worst. I think it’s the 8-foot rims).   In fact, with the exception of Teen Wolf Too, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad boxing movie.   This statement includes Bleed For This, a 2016 entry to the genre starring Miles Teller as the pride of Providence Vinny Pazienza. It’s ok. Teller does a good job as the cocky Pazmanian Devil, but the story drags a little in the middle and the fight scenes aren’t on the level of the fights mentioned above.  Tier 5


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