Don’t Breathe

don't breathe

When you go see a horror movie in the theater, you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear laughs throughout from the crowd.  Personally I prefer to watch scary movies at home, but the theater does add a fun element often that you wouldn’t get otherwise.  These laughs tend to come from three different circumstances:

From intended jokes

scream giphy

From unintentional jokes

And last but not least, from terrifying images that viewers can only nervously laugh at after the screams have died down.

Well, I saw Don’t Breathe in the theater….and there were ZERO laughs in a mostly full Sunday matinee.  This movie is the furthest thing from a laughing matter and was probably the worst thing I could watch while suffering from the Sunday scaries.   I came this close to walking directly into the middle of Bad Moms afterwards just to self medicate the dark aura draped over me.

In Don’t Breathe, three Detroit teens (or maybe they’re in their 20’s, its unclear, let’s just say three assholes born during the Clinton era) plot to break into an elderly blind man’s home and rob him while he slumbers.  Sounds like a hoot right?  Well, they severely underestimate their target and quickly learn they messed with one bad hombre.  Tables. Turned.  You know that tense-up feeling you get when you are about to get into an accident but it’s too late to do anything about it?  That’s basically the final 70 minutes of this 90 minute movie.  It’s just a dark, extremely intense film with no comic relief or breaks in suspense.  Where’s Matthew Lillard when you need him?  But it is well made and I guess achieves it’s goal to upset viewers.  I do think it’s worth seeing to an extent, just maybe consider bookending the movie with episodes of Modern Family. The feel bad movie of the summer.  Tier 4




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