Looking: The Movie


This is HBO’s TV Movie to bookend their recently cancelled series Looking, about 3 gay men in their late 20’s to 30’s living in San Francisco and trying to get their shit together in regards to career and relationships. If you liked the show, then you will like movie.  If you didn’t like the show, let’s be honest you probably just never gave it a chance.  I for one didn’t start watching until scrolling past a bunch of think pieces praising the two seasons upon it’s announced cancellation last year.  I don’t have a good reason why I didn’t keep up with it in real time, especially since I enjoy all of the other half-hour, 30 something city life dramedies that seemingly every network and streaming service enlists (shout out to the best of the bunch FX’s “You’re The Worst”).

Looking: The Movie isn’t really a movie at all. It’s basically a standard episode of the series, only 85 minutes long instead of 28.  There are no major events or locale upheavals that are common in TV finales (just imagine what HBO will inevitably have in store for Ballers: The Movie!!!).  There is a wedding, but it is subdued and authentic in a way doesn’t fall into the regular TV wedding tropes. The movie sticks to what the show did well, which was depicting a weekend amongst good friends filled with collaborative introspection and maybe a little too much to drink, that most people can relate to at least on some level. I wouldn’t classify the show as one of the best on TV, but it is refreshingly different than everything else out there.    Tier 5

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