Jason Bourne


The 2002 – 2007 Bourne trilogy is the rare action franchise that matches it’s thrills with its smarts. Whereas most espionage thrillers could be somewhat silly (think Tom Cruise cracking a joke as he dangles from the Burj Khalifa), Bourne had a more straight-forward matured ambiance that set itself apart. So I was highly anticipating Matt Damon’s return to the role nine years later, however I failed to realize it would be a blatant cash grab for the studio, right down to the lazy title.  It reminds me of when MGM titled the sixth Rocky movie, also many years removed from its predecessor, as simply Rocky Balboa.  As for Damon, I guess it was as good a reason as any to shed the We Bought A Zoo dad bod and get ripped (I like to think this was a direct response to his BFF literally becoming Batman).

Jason Bourne is not that much different from the first 3, but that’s pretty much the problem. It has a very rinse and repeat feel.  How many times is a slithery high-up CIA official nonchalantly gonna say “You know what, this Bourne is too much of a risk, let’s just take him out,” as if that plan had never been concocted before? Of course Bourne, pissed that these assholes won’t just LEAVE HIM ALONE, comes back in the fold and wrecks shop. So this movie isn’t bad per se,’ I’ve just seen it three times already.

There are two items of note that keeps it worthwhile.  One is a B-A-N-A-N-A-S car chase that is really more Fast and Furious than Bourne, but great nonetheless. The other is Tommy Lee Jones, once again reprising his grumpy cop act. I can’t get enough of that guy. Grumpy Cop would be a welcome addition to any movie.  Tier 6

bourne boxing


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