Triple 9

triple 9 1

Triple 9 has the best cast of any non-superhero movie of 2016. It features a 7 time Oscar nominee for best actress, a 2014 Oscar nominee for best actor, an Avenger, an Affleck, Wonder Woman, Breaking Bad’s favorite chemist, The Wire’s favorite criminal, and a Cheers bartender.   The creators of this movie were clearly inspired by Training Day and other Antoine Fuqua shady cop movies, right down to the Cypress Hill playing over the credits. It didn’t get great reviews (55% on RT), but I was thoroughly entertained for the first 90% of the film, especially during an immaculately choreographed shootout. Perhaps the extremely lazy ending rubbed critics the wrong way.

Is it spoiler territory to say the ending of a movie sucks, without any specifics? With these blurbs I try to avoid giving anything away, because I myself like to go into movies with a blank slate. But if it is too much info let me know and I’ll adjust my methods. I’ll never forget some brat at little league practice spoiling the ending of The Usual Suspects to me.  Tier 3


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