The 64 Films I Saw in 2015 Worth Seeing

2015 movies seen

For those that did not receive it, here is my 2015 list of movies that was emailed over the New Year.  Brief comments on some of the less talked about movies below:

Creed:  I guess director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B Jordan will have to settle for MTV Movie Award nominations.  Out of all sports, boxing seems to translate the best to cinema and this is my favorite boxing movie ever.  There’s a long take (a sequence filmed in one take without any editing) of a boxing round that blew my mind.

Digging For Fire:  Joe Swanberg’s movies aren’t for everyone but I’m a fan.  He gravitates towards dramedies about people in their 30’s trying to get their shit together (not sure what this says about me). Streaming on Amazon

Sicario: This is going to age GREAT on cable over the next decade.

Whiplash: Favorite movie I saw in 2015

The Judge: Not sure if I can justify this ranking, I guess I was feeling extra sappy.

Southpaw:  Great boxing scenes, silly plot

The Gambler:  Soundtracking a sequence to an M83 song is a cheat code to my emotions.

The Night Before:  Had no idea Michael Shannon was funny.

Creep:  If you can get past the extremely uncomfortable first 30 minutes or so, this pays off.  Streaming on Netflix

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Midnight:  Sundance deemed this the “First Iranian Vampire Western.”  Beautifully shot in black and white with a cool soundtrack.  If it hasn’t happened already, a studio will announce they’re making an American remake within the year. Streaming on Netflix

Entourage:  I can’t justify this.  I watched this while packing for a boys weekend trip and I think this mentality affected my judgement.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl:  Could you have used less Me and a lot more Earl.

We Are Your Friends:  Tom Cruise’s Cocktail for Millenials.  Sometimes you just want to watch Ballers instead of Olive Kitteridge.

Aloha:  Only because it’s such a trainwreck.  Our children’s history textbooks will point to this Cameron Crowe movie as the root cause of Hawaii seceding from the US.

Birdman:  Yes, I enjoyed We Are Your Friends and Entourage more than the 2015 Academy Award winner for Best Picture.

Starred Up:  Note to self, don’t try to watch a prison movie on a plane.  Way too much male nudity.



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