Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

paranormal_activity_the_ghost_dimension-wide (1)

I didn’t sleep right for a month after watching the first Paranormal Activity.  My four roommates at the time wanted NOTHING to do with the movie, so I ended up watching it alone, which I don’t recommend.  45 minutes into it I had to turn on the lights and watch 20 minutes of “I Love You Man” just so I could settle down before finishing it.  Since then I’ve been loyal to the franchise, but each of the 5 sequels have been pretty formulaic and not scary (except for maybe the third one, there’s few things creepier than little kids with imaginary friends).   Needless to say, if you’ve kept up with these movies, you may as well see this supposedly final installment, but you can skip it if not.  Tier 6